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What is the Food Value Analysis tool?
This tool allows you to compare the cost and nutritional value of home recipe foods to various other forms. For example, you can compare home recipe beef stew to canned beef stew or frozen broccoli to fresh broccoli.
How should the Food Value Analysis tool be used?
The tool should be used to help consumers meet dietary guidelines while taking into account limitations of money, time, and food preparation skills.
Who should use the Food Value Analysis tool?
Nutrition educators can use the tool to help them advise consumers on food selection.
The market place offers consumers a wide variety of choices of food for purchase and consumption. Helping consumers make wise food choices while taking into consideration cost, time, food preparation skills, and dietary recommendations is not an easy task.
The Food Value Analysis tool was created to provide a way to compare a range of values for various forms of processed foods compared to foods prepared from a recipe in the home kitchen.
Data can be viewed on a per-serving or per-100 gram basis.
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To learn more about how the tool was developed and how to use it with consumers, you may view a 60-minute webinar available at this location:
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